Mentoring Parents

While all college counsellors mentor “students” who mentors the “parents”?

It is the parent who come first. They need to have knowledge of the issues that guide the college planning process.

If they don’t know the questions to ask how will they get the right answers?

Most importantly they are the only ones who truly know their child. Till they apply their subjective capabilities to their child’s needs how can they expect others to make the value judgement.

Going to university isn’t just about going to the best ranked university, it is about finding the best “fit”. Issues like health, safety, stress, support system and extra-curricular activities are important.

Mentoring Parents on Overseas College Admission Planning

Subjective Issues

Parents Issues - Subjective

Can you answer the following?

  1. Can my child handle the freezing, dark winters at Dartmouth, Carnegie Mellon, University of Chicago, McGill, University of Toronto or University of St Andrews?
  2. What is my support system in case there is an emergency? Family, Friends, Alumni or Guardian Family.
  3. Is my child happier in a big city, suburb or rural town?
  4. Will my child be able to handle classes with 100 or more students?
  5. Best universities get the best students from around the world, can my child handle the stress and competitiveness?
  6. more

Comparative Framework

The above questions and more can be answered more easily by creating a comparative framework. For each universities one can list 15 – 25 key figures that provide a more comprehensive picture. Here we would include:

  1. Location – Urban / Suburban / Rural
  2. Ranking of University or College
  3. Support System
  4. Acceptance Percentage
  5. Strong Majors
  6. Student to Faculty Ratio
  7. more

Comparative Framework

Special Issues

Special Issues

Does your child need personalized care:

1. Due to health issues e.g. asthma

2. Due to body mobility

3. Due to reading / writing challenges

Financial needs: What is the best sources for information and advisors?

Transferring College after one year due to “poor fit”. Reasons:

1. Due to bitter cold weather and darkness in winter

2. Due to safety concerns

3. Due to large classes

4. Due to stress

Future Planning

How can you plan for your child’s future beyond getting accepted to a good “fit” University? Questions that need to be answered

  1. Can I plan for summer internships?
  2. Can I improve my child’s chances to be inspired by a professor?
  3. Mentoring programs / Teaching assistance positions / Other Work Study programs.
  4. Which Universities rank higher for job placements / higher salaries on graduation?
  5. How do I improve my child’s chances to get into a good graduate program after 3-4 years of work experience?
  6. How alumni networks work? Which are the best ones?
Future Planning

Mentor Profile – Shiv Karan Singh

Studied at:

  • London Business School (MBA)
  • New York University (APC)
  • Florida Tech (MSc)
  • St. Stephen’s College (BA & MA)
  • The Doon School (ISC)

Worked at:

  • Hongkong Bank
  • Citibank
  • Merrill Lynch
  • AXA

London Business School – For over 20 years assisted the admissions office, interviewed candidates and chaired the alumni association in US and India.

Visited around 30 of the top 50 US Universities/Colleges where many of my friends studied or were alumni, including all the major Universities on the East Coast and most in California.

Worked for 16 years in the US on Wall Street as an investment banker. The last 30 years have been in India as an investment banker and with my own management advisory company.

Spent 4 years planning daughter’s college admission and now 4 more years guiding her through college, summer internship, teaching assistanceship and finally a job. This 8 year period of planning and guidance can be very crucial. Most parents do not look beyond getting admission to a good college.

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what Parents say

  • Who better to advise than a parent himself!

    Shiv not only has immense knowledge of the admission planning process but brings thought provoking and insightful inquiry on the sensitive personal issues that help guide parents on what is “best” for their kids.

    It is unique to have a parent wanting to give back selflessly and freely from his extensive research and experience. This is a must tap resource for all parents and kids in high school getting ready for an overseas university.

    Shradha Gupta

    Class 12 Parent

  • Shiv was very helpful in our journey through the admission process for our son in The Shri Ram School. He helped us understand the finer points which are key to a child’s admission process and that will ultimately be the best fit for him as an individual. Very grateful for his guidance.

    Mehak Wadhwani

    Class 12 Parent